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Did you know the orientation of your new house to the sun is very important? Did you also know the location of your furnace and duct-runs can affect the cost of heating and cooling of your new home? 

Our architects take into account all factors which might impact the floor plan design and construction of your home.

For example, when we start our designing process, we try to keep all exterior dimensions of the house to a whole number. Meaning, that the length of the house may equal seventy-two (72) feet even. This allows for less construction material waste in the field. Which equates to less money paid by you, the homeowner. 

Design and types of windows, along with exterior doors, can have a big impact on costs related to energy savings as well. Location of these items, in conjunction with North orientation and/or sun location, can have savings over the years. 

We use these concepts in our house floor plan designs which is why we have become one of the larger plan designers in our region. It is our hope and desire that you'll feel like a part of the team as we work together - the team that makes your dream home become a reality.

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House Plan

Pat Grathwohl has been designing award-winning floor plans for over 35 years. He can provide you with a custom house plan for any type of home renovation project - whether you're looking for a custom floor plan for a new build, a garage expansion, or even a bathroom redesign.

To get started on a custom design, please contact me and I'd be happy to work with you one-on-one!

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