Planning Your Floor Plan

A floor plan is a simple line drawing showing rooms as if seen from above. Walls, doorways, and windows are often drawn to scale. Floor plans show the size and perimeter of a new residence as well as all interior living spaces. There are many different types of home design plans. Below you will find the details of a few.

One story floor plans

This type of floor plan has the living and sleeping space all on one level. This is ideal for people who don’t want stairs in their home. It usually costs more to build a one-story home than a two-story home with the same square footage because more land is usually required to build a one-story home. Also, a one-story home needs a larger roof and foundation. It may also cost more to heat and cool because they have more exterior surfaces.

Two story floor plans

This floor plan can usually fit on a smaller lot, is less expensive to build and costs less to heat and cool. There is also more privacy in a two-story house. Another great benefit is that there is plenty of space for great interior possibilities such as extravagant staircases, vaulted ceilings and larger walls of windows. The biggest drawback is the stairs, which on average take up 100 square feet of space. It is also hard to have a uniform temperature throughout the house.

Three story floor plans

The advantages and disadvantages of a three-story floor plan are similar to that of a two-story. A two-story home can sometimes be changed into a three-story by adding a high-pitched roof, dormers and finishing the attic space. A basement can also be finished on a two-story house to make it into a three. One basic difference is that they have more rooms than a two-story house.

Multi-level floor plans

These home plans have floors at different levels. They are usually built on lots that slope. They are better suited for smaller lots. Stairs usually connect the levels. One problem with multi-level home design plans is that noise travels easily throughout the house. They are usually cheaper than two-story house plans because the basement is used for living space.

Multi-family floor plans

Multiple families share a house in this type of home plan. They usually cost less per square foot than a single-story floor plan because the home shares land and walls. It is a very good idea to use a good soundproofing when building this kind of floor plan. Multi-family homes include duplexes, condos, townhouses, and apartments.

Floor plans for a Duplex

Duplex design plans have two home plans together that make a housing unit for two families. The interiors usually mirror one another.

Floor plans for a Condo

These are similar to duplexes but sometimes have more levels or units.

Floor plans for a Townhouse

Townhouses are usually two stories tall. They are usually repeated in rows and typically have anywhere from two to eight units per row.

Floor plans for an Apartment

An apartment usually consists of four or more units in a building. Soundproofing is highly recommended.

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