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Houses last for decades, but their designs often don't. Below are ten steps to developing your home design into well designed rooms. 

Know what you want from a room – First you need to figure out what you are going to be using the room for. For example, decide if your living room is going to be used for entertaining guests are a place for your children to play. 

Remember who lives there – If you have children or pets, you need to incorporate pieces and fabrics into your home design that will accommodate them. You can use your children's paintings as artwork for the wall. A small toy box can be decorated to match the rest of the room. 

Decide what is pleasing to you – Let your first reaction guide your home design and build off of that. 

Keep size in mind – Make sure your furniture matches the size of your room. Draw a floor plan design the scale of your room to make sure your new furniture will fit before purchasing it. Mark off the space on your design as you fill the room. 

Go with your flow – A beautiful home design should flow from room to room. Try to use similar colors and tones throughout your home. You have to think of every other room that touches the space that you are designing. You want continuation throughout your living space. 

Have one great central piece – It is always important to have one central piece that you build the room design around. It could be anything from one piece of furniture to something as small as one piece of tile. Pick a few of your favorite things that you own and let your senses pick which one to design off of. 

Have a plan – Try to envision what your room will look like when it is fully done. Next, plot out your idea of how to achieve your perfect home design. Create a file of things that you've seen in other houses, on websites or in stores that you've really liked. Buy some decorating magazines and cut out things that you like. You could even keep zip lock bags of fabric swatches or tiles that you've found. 

Shop around – Shop from a variety of retailers, antique malls or flea markets to create your perfect home design. You don't need to buy everything at once or all from the same place. Create your own unique design. Also keep in mind form and function when you're shopping for furniture. For example, the sofa may look stylish, but is it comfortable? 

Don't be faddish – If you follow what is the latest fad at the time, you'll be redecorating every two years. If you can't afford to change your home design every couple of years, you may want to avoid trendy patterns or expensive pieces. You'll want to choose neutral colors for your large upholstery pieces and choose more colorful pieces for things like pillows that can be easily replaced. Paint can also be used to make a bolder statement that can be changed throughout the years. 

Use good lighting – Lighting is some of the easiest home design that can be used. You can use a variety of different lighting designs in every room. A great idea is to use dimmers so you can have your ideal amount of lighting at all times. Try to include task lighting (concentrated lighting that allows you to do things) and ambient (mood lighting) in every room. Task lighting can be achieved with directed, higher-intensity light; a downward reading lamp, under-cabinet light fixtures or a lighted make-up mirror can fill these purposes. Ambient lighting on the other hand can be in the form of recessed high-hats, sconces, strings of decorative lights, candles, tea lights and oil lamps. 

Make your home design personal – Each room should be a reflection of your style. It should be somewhere that you feel comfortable in. Incorporate your favorite photos or your seashells from your family vacation. Unique artwork can also make a room your own. The biggest thing is to just have fun with it.

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