Garage Plans and Blueprints

These types of house plans are usually additional to designing your main floor plan. Garages have become the final frontier to revamp, restyle and reinvent. The garage is a versatile and transformable space. Many homeowners are adding mudrooms, laundry rooms and entryways to the garage. Garage plans can also contain a music studio for your up-and-coming rock star teenagers, but consider soundproofing it for your neighbors. 

How to spruce up your garage plans

Flooring – The garage is the first room that most people see when they come home from work, so why should it be so ugly and drab? Painting it or using interlocking tiles can spruce up the floor. Get creative with your painting by adding a darker center and a lighter border around it. The tiles come in an assortment or colors and snap easily into place. They can also be washed off with a hose. Another choice for flooring is a roll out variety made from specialty formulated polyvinyl. This will conceal cracks and stains on the floor. This flooring is available in a variety of attractive colors to suit your personal garage plans. 

Storage – You can hang a large net across the top of your garage to hold larger items. Just make sure that it doesn't interfere with your garage door closing. Install wiring shelving instead of wood. It is easier to see items that are stored on it and is virtually dust free. Plywood can be used for hanging tools, shovels and brooms. Tools can be hung with nails. Custom cabinets can also be added to spruce up the layout of your garage plans. 

Extra Living Space – Garages can be built with a loft or apartment over the top of it. This is a great way to add square footage to your house. This can be a great place for a family member to live or to rent out for some extra money. 

Garage Door and Windows – The door is very important to your garage since most robbers come in through the garage. Many garage doors are now made of fiberglass. These doors are stainable and can help you create the look of a wooden garage door. Plastic windows are also a great addition to your garage plans. They provide extra security that you don't receive from glass windows. They allow light to enter, but obscure the view of what is in your garage. Radio-control garage door openers can also be a problem. High-tech thieves are able to break the codes. Certain garage door companies have a product that changes the code every time you open your garage. Thieves won't waste their time at your house with this kind of device. Also make sure your door is well insulated. Air filtration is the biggest energy thief in garage doors. Make sure you have a high quality bottom door seal and perimeter weather stripping.

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