Bathroom Design

Your bath and shower area should be both elegant and relaxing. It should be a retreat from the daily stresses of life. What is better than coming home and falling into a nice warm bubble bath, surrounded by a beautiful oasis? 

When you step out of your luxurious bath, the days of shivering will be long gone. Your new bathroom design will include beautiful tile heated floors and a towel rack that will heat your towel for you. You’ll feel like you’re in your own personal spa. 

After you towel off, you look into the mirror and can actually see your renewed face smiling back at you. The days of wiping your mirror off are gone with your new fog-free mirrors. 

With all of today’s new amenities, your new bathroom design can be your own personal oasis. Your bathroom should be more than just a sink, shower and toilet. There are a wide variety of options that are now available to you. Below you will find the basic essentials for your new bathroom design. 

Your Perfect Bathroom Design

Comforting Warmth – A heated floor means never having to experience your bare feet on cold tile again. The electric floor also causes the whole bathroom to feel warm. Another great bonus is that it is very energy efficient (5-15 cents a day for electricity). Towel warmers are another great addition to your bathroom design and can be very economical by ranging in price from $70 - $2000. Your can purchase them in a variety of colors that can be free standing or mounted. They are safe and energy efficient so you can leave them running 24 hours a day. Some towel warmers also come with timers so you can set them to come on at certain times of the day. Towel warmers provide you with a nice dry, warm towel that is free of mildew. Another trend that is showing up in bathroom design are fireplaces. Many designs can be installed in corners are on a flat wall. They come with a variety of exterior finishes such as hand-rubbed antique gold, 24 caret yellow gold, brushed nickel, handcrafted wrought iron and many others. 

Large Bathtub – A large luxurious bathtub is a must for your new bathroom design. One drawback is they are very expensive and do require a lot of space. There are a wide variety of bathtub amenities to choose from. Some tubs allow you to touch a button and fill your tub with a spectrum of dramatic color for a soothing feeling. If you would like to add some romance to your bathroom design, a claw foot tub is a great addition. It brings that feeling of Victorian charm into your bathroom surrounding. Another choice is a soft tub. This tub becomes soft when hot water is added to it to provide you with total relaxation. There are also tubs that come equipped with waterfalls or jets. 

Entertainment – Hi definition television isn’t just for your living room anymore. Televisions are showing up in bathrooms with speakers built into the tile of your shower or bath. For the ultimate experience you can purchase tubs built for two containing jets and a flat screen television with a floating remote! How would you like to shave or put on your makeup while watching television at the same time? Another great addition is televisions that are built into your mirrors. The speakers are self-contained within the mirror and make a great addition to your bathroom design. 

Ceramic Tile Floor – Ceramic tile floors are very artistic and a beautiful improvement to your new bathroom design. Be very conscious of the color you use in your bathroom. Begin with a neutral color and add bright accents through accent tiles and accessories. 

Fog Free Mirrors – No one likes to have to wipe off the mirrors multiple times after a long, hot shower. These systems cause your mirror to warm slightly so they remain crystal clear while you are taking a shower or bath.

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